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At And You Creations, we believe that experiences in Hawaii’s distinctive nature can have a profound impact on one’s life.

From swimming with dolphins to hiking the Manoa Falls Trail to embarking on an odyssey of the tastes, sights, history of Oahu, we strive to leave our guests more fulfilled than they were before they visited the island.

Our aim is to share the message of peace and unity with other people and the environment, as Hawaiian culture teaches us to do.

降り注ぐ太陽の光を浴びながら、どこまでも続く青い海と空、そして風を感じ、人間として素直になれる瞬間がハワイにはあります。 大自然に囲まれて健康的に過ごすことがハワイに滞在する醍醐味です。サーフィン、トレッキング、マラソンなど多くのアクティビティーに人々は挑戦しています。また、パワースポットを訪れたり、ビーチでヨガをしたり、ハワイで素敵な体験をしたいと思っています。

そんな自分だけのハワイを感じたい、つかみたい、体験したくてハワイに来たあなたと、ともに歩んで行くような存在でありたいと私たち「And You Creations」は思っています。常にハワイであなたのそばにいたいのが「And You Creations」私たちの想いです。



From Richard Holland ( the owner of AYC)

And You Creations is an Oahu tour company designed to share the
Hawaii has to offer with the island’s best tours and experiences. 

With And You Creations Hawaii tours, you can swim with dolphins, hike the Manoa Falls Trail, or embark on an adventure of the tastes, sights, and history of Oahu on a circle island tour.

Each tour is complemented by cultural information and aims to leave you feeling fulfilled. Start on your journey of self-discovery on one of Oahu’s best tour experiences today!





Our tour experiences are designed to share the best Hawaii has to offer. 

From swimming with dolphins, to hiking the Manoa Falls Trail, to embarking on an odyssey of the tastes, sights, history of Oahu, we strive to ensure you leave us feeling more fulfilled than when you started.

Hawaii is an amazing place, and we feel honored and humbled to be able to share it with you.